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Copado’s Account Summary tab provides relevant details about your org and your user. You can find information regarding the different features you have access to based on the licenses you have acquired, the credits you have available, your API key and the operations you have performed. But more importantly, the Account Summary tab is the place you need to go to register the Copado application right after the installation if you have installed it for the first time.

Let’s describe the different sections displayed on this page in more detail.

At the top of the screen, right below Account Summary, you can find quick information about your org and your username such as the name of the org, the org Id, your name and username, your user Id and the server URL, which is the address for Copado’s API:

If you have installed Copado for the first time, you can find at the top right corner the Register Application button which you can use to complete the registration with the Copado server:

The Balance Status section displays the number of credits available, which will vary depending on your subscription. For more information about how credits work, check out the article  Credit Usage.

Additionally, if you have a Copado Selenium Testing license, you will also find here the available Selenium minutes:

In the Features tab you can see the different features you have enabled in your org. Also, if you are working with Vlocity, you can use the Toggle Vlocity switch to enable this feature:

In the API Key tab you will find the API key for your user. If you don’t have an API key yet, you can create a new one from there or reset your existing API key:

Please be careful when resetting the API key, as this will disable existing webhooks running on that key.

In the Transactions tab you will find relevant information about the operations performed by your user such as deployments (you can see the deployment name, the name of the deployment step and the deployment’s destination org), Git snapshots or snapshot differences, as well as the credits used in each operation:

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