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The Copado License Manager app is for customers who have purchased or are assigned any type of Copado licenses (Copado Admin, Copado User, etc.). 

Copado License Manager allows users to manage the assignment of feature licenses within the Copado package. The new Copado License Manager provides a graphical representation of the number of users who have purchased various licenses. It also provides the license statuses in a graphical format.


  • You must have My Domain enabled in the Salesforce Setup for the new Copado License Manager to work.
  • This is a Lightning component and is not available as a tab in the Classic experience. It is only available as a tab in the Lightning Experience App Launcher.
  • The new Copado License Manager UI will fully replace the classic version. The old license manager will still be available in the package. We’ve renamed the old tab to Classic Copado License Manager. As an Admin user, you can use either the Classic tab or the new Lightning tab with the new Copado License Manager.

Types of Licences

All the Copado licenses—Managed Packages or User licenses are now available in a single location that is the Copado License Manager.

Depending upon which features are enabled, you will find these licenses available on the Copado License Manager screen:

Non-User Based Licenses
  • Branch Management

This license cannot be managed through the Copado License Manager. However, you can still view how many of these licenses you have assigned in your Copado instance.

This is not a user-based license and depends upon how many environments you have connected in the pipeline.

User-Based Licenses
  • Copado Admin
  • Copado User
  • Copado Guest
  • Compliance Hub
  • Data Deployer
  • Selenium Testing
  • Copado Deployer (Main Managed Package)
  • VSM
  • Analytics

Allocate Licenses to Users

Color Code Followed by the License Bars

The license bars appear depending upon which licenses are purchased by you or assigned to you. These color-coded bars give you a visual indication of how many licenses are allocated to the users.

Color Code

Percentage of Licenses Used




50 -75


> 75

User License Allocation Grid

Now as the Release Manager or Admin, you can allocate licenses to users with the click of a button. To do this, you have a grid for Users with Licenses.

Prerequisites for Using the License Allocation Grid
  • There’s a new Field Set Copado License Manager in the User object. If you don't have access to a field included in the Field Set, that field is not displayed in the grid for you. 
  • You must have the Salesforce Manage Users system permission to be able to add, remove, or edit licenses. Otherwise, you will have read-only access to the table.

To check this:

  1. Go to Setup>Users>Permission Sets.
  2. Select any Permission Set and scroll down to the System section.
  3. Click System Permissions.
If you do not have the Salesforce Manage User system permission, a warning message is displayed.
In-App Guidance

In-App guidance is a feature that helps you read more about the different features in the Copado License Manager application. The In-App guidance is displayed for users with the Salesforce Manage User permissions.

  • You need the Salesforce standard Access Walkthroughs permission set assigned to see Walkthroughs or the View Walkthroughs user permission in your users’ profiles or permission sets.
  • To see the In-App guidance, go to Copado Release Manager and then open the Copado License Manager tab. If the Copado License Manager tab is opened from any other application, the In-App guidance is not displayed

Best Practices for Using the License Allocation Grid

  • Depending on the Copado licenses provisioned, it is recommended to add between 3 to 5 custom fields in order to maximize the space in the table.
  • In case you have rows of users that don't have any licenses assigned, we recommend you to remove those rows using the Remove User(s) Licenses button. This will help increase the performance and responsiveness of the grid.
  • You can configure custom fields from the User object to leverage them in the table. You can do this through the Copado License Manager Field Set that is included in the User object.
  • User object standard fields cannot be added to the Field Set by subscriber organizations, therefore out of the box, Copado makes available the following fields in the Field Set for users to select. Name and Active are automatically included and displayed in the grid:
    • Name
    • Active
    • City
    • Company Name
    • Country
    • Department
    • Division
    • Nickname
    • Profile
    • Role
    • State/Province
    • Title
    • User Type
    • Username
  • Keep the Name field meant to identify users as the first in the Field Set/table.

Functions of the License Allocation Grid

  • The grid is divided into two sections—Left is for custom fields and Right is for User Licenses available in your org.
  • All the columns are sortable. 
  • You can filter the license columns based on Assigned and Unassigned licenses. This updates the color-coded license bars dynamically.
  • The left section comprises the default Full Name and Active fields. You can add custom fields that are configurable through the Copado License Manager Field Set found in the User object. To do this:
  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Navigate to Object Manager > User > Field Sets > Copado License Manager. 
  3. Here you can drag and drop the custom fields that need to be included in the grid.
    The search bar searches for the entered value, only in the custom fields. Checkboxes are not supported in the search.
  • Whether you search for a user or a custom field, or you filter the grid, the license allocation bar changes dynamically.
  • A fuzzy search is implemented, so special characters are not considered in a search.
  • To add or remove the licenses click the checkboxes. You can do a mass select and assign licenses to multiple users at once.  
  • To remove the Copado Licenses assigned to users, select one or more users at once and click Remover User Licenses. The user record remains the same, it is neither deleted nor changed.
  • Click Add Users to add new users to the license allocation grid. When you add multiple users you can assign multiple licenses to the users at once. Names with special characters are considered in this search.
    Users already in the table do not appear in the Add Users list. For those users, use the in-line edit functionality in the table to assign or change licenses.

Regain Access to the Copado Managed Package

Problem Definition

You are the last user with Copado Managed Package licenses and you have your Managed Package license removed. Now, you want to regain access to the Copado Package.


It may happen that you’re the only user with a Copado Managed Package license assigned and by mistake you (or someone else) remove your license assignment to the Copado Managed Package. If this happens, you’ll find yourself without any access to the Copado objects, tabs, and functionality, therefore, unable to access the Copado License Manager.

In such cases, follow these steps to regain access to the Copado Managed Package:


You need to have a System Administrator profile or the Manage Package Licenses system permission assigned.

Access the Salesforce Setup

  1. Go to Installed Packages.
  2. Next to Copado Deployer, click Manage Licenses.
    if you don’t see the “Manage Licenses” link, review the prerequisites stated above.
    Location of the button Manage Licenses

Assign a license to your user

Assign a license to your user.

Now you should be able to re-access the Copado Managed Package object, including the Copado License Manager.

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