Validating Commits

Updated 1 week ago by Copado Solutions

From the User Story Commit page, Copado allows you to perform a validation deployment before actually committing the changes into Git. 

Let's take a look at the process in order to have this functionality working:

  • Include in the commit message the following pattern: @validatecommit.
  • This command will create the validation deployment without committing any changes into the repository.
  • If the deployment is successful, the commit will be executed. 
  • The validation of a commit relies on a validation deployment in the destination org with the selected metadata components selected in the commit changes action.

Considerations When Using This Feature

  • The validation is done in the destination org with the metadata retrieved from the source org. 
  • The components that are validated are those selected in the commit.
  • The validation is made with the metadata, without it being processed or merged in any branch.
  • When doing a validation commit, no promotions or deployments are created.
  • If the validation fails:
    • The commit will not continue. Nothing will be merged in the feature branch. If the feature branch doesn't exist, it won't be created.
    • The validation errors will be displayed on a pop-up window on the commit page.
    • A User Story Commit record will be created in the user story. The Snapshot Commit linked to that record will have the status Pending and a blank value in the Commit Id field since nothing has been committed.

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