Sandbox Refresh

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Whenever you refresh a sandbox, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Get the new org Id of the refreshed sandbox. Go to Setup -> Company Information -> Organization Id field:
    • If the org Id has only 15 characters, convert it to 18 characters. You can do this using a free online converter.
  • Open the Environment record and perform the following changes:
    • Update the Org ID field with the new org Id.
    • Add the refresh date in the Last Refresh Date field. This can be very useful if you are refreshing your sandbox using the production org. By doing this, Copado’s user stories ahead and behind calculation won’t flag the user stories that were already in production before the sandbox refresh as available for back-promotion.
  • Notify credential owners so that they authenticate their credentials since the previous OAuth token is no longer valid.
  • Generate a new API key for your refreshed sandbox by going to the Account Summary tab -> API Key -> Create / Reset.
  • Modify your email address. When a sandbox is refreshed, user email addresses are appended with .invalid so that production users do not receive emails from the sandbox. For sandbox users to receive emails, you will need to modify your user email address. To do this, go to Setup -> Users and click on Edit next to the user email you want to modify.

Branch Management - Steps for Refreshed Sandboxes

  1. Go to your Git repository provider:
    1. Create a new branch out of the branch that is linked to the sandbox. This branch will be a backup branch to review any commit history in the future. It is recommended to add the current date in the name of the backup branch.
      E.g., if your sandbox branch is named dev1, then the name of the backup branch should be dev1_backup_MM/DD/YYYY.
    2. Delete the branch linked to the sandbox (e.g., dev1).
    3. If you are cloning your new sandbox out of production, create a new branch out of master and name it with the same name as the branch deleted in the previous step. If you're cloning your sandbox out of another sandbox, then create a new branch out of that parent sandbox's branch.
      If your branch has a different name, you will need to edit the Git Snapshot record linked to the previous branch. Remove the branch name from the Branch field and add the new branch name.

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