Error retrieving user story git metadata: null

When creating a promotion record, Copado the deployment might fail with the error below:
Error retrieving user story git metadata: null

The error is thrown by Copado when it is not able to find the Commit.json file for the actual commit present in the User Story. 

There can be a possibility that these .json commit ID got deleted. These commit IDs would be present in User Story commit and we will see that there are no issues on User Stories but the promotions are failing with the error.
Error retrieving user story git metadata: null

The commit IDs on a User Story commits are located in the Notes & Attachments related list as .json format in the Git Repository record. That related list is not visible in the Visualforce page, therefore you will have to override the page doing a URL hack. If the related list is not visible after overriding the Visualforce page, you will need to add it to the page layout.

User story commit:

User-added image

Git Repository Json attachment for commit: 

User-added image

In order to override the Visualforce page, follow the steps below:
  1. Copy the Git Repository record's Id.
  2. Go to the Home tab.
  3. Remove home/home.jsp from the url.
  4. Paste GitRepositoryId?nooverride where 'GitRepositoryId' is the Git Repository record's Id you copied in the step #1
  5. You are now in the standard layout for the Git Repository record, overriding the Visualforce page.
To fix the issue, please check the user Story Commit ids and check them with Git Repository's .json attachment file. You can also use the Salesforce search bar to search the commit ids. 
If the above step cannot help. Please log a Support case.

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