Copado Training FAQs

How long is my trial org valid for?

Free trial orgs are valid for thirty days. Once the org expires, your playground also expires.

I cannot see the option to create a new playground.

The current playground allowance is two playgrounds per user. If you have already created two playgrounds, you need to delete one, and then you will be able to create a new playground.

I have registered for a training session; where can I find the link to join the event?

When you register for a session in the community, you receive an email with the event details and the URL to join. You can also find this information in the event itself in the community. For additional instructions to find your zoom link in the community, review the article How to find your Zoom link or withdraw from a workshop in the Copado Community.

I cannot attend a training session. How can I withdraw?

To withdraw from a session, follow the instructions provided in the article referenced above.

I have registered for a training session, and I haven't received the email with the Zoom details.

First of all, check if you are on the waitlist. To do that, open the event. You will see WAITLISTED under the Withdraw button. If you are on the waitlist, you will receive the Zoom details if other users withdraw or more seats become available. 
If you have successfully registered for an event and are not on the waitlist, and have not received the email with the Zoom details, review the above article. 

How do I redeem my coupon?

If you attend a workshop, you will receive a coupon at the end of the session. Please make sure to sign up, enter the coupon code and do the checkout right after the event because the coupon code expires. This doesn’t mean you need to take the certification test right away. You can complete the modules and take the exam at your convenience.
For additional information on redeeming your coupon, follow the instructions provided in the article Copado Coupon Code Instructions.

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