Fall '19 - Release Notes

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Important: This is a major release. Please, read the Upgrade Instructions before upgrading, and follow them carefully afterwards. Test on a sandbox first.

Branch Management Enhancements

  • New deployment wizard:
    • Create a metadata deployment in a point-and-click process or multiple types of deployment steps.
    • Deploy from a source org or select a Git commit.
    • Compare the metadata in the source and destination orgs and review the differences before deploying.
  • Enhanced merge conflict resolution panel. For more information, check out the article Merge Conflict Resolution Panel.
  • Enhancement of the Data deployment step. For more information, check out the article Data Step Enhancements.
  • New filtering options have been added to the metadata grid in the commit page. Check out the article Metadata Grid for more information.

Copado Core Enhancements

  • A new picklist field named Format has been added to the Snapshot Difference page with the following values:
    • XML
    • YAML
    • JSON
    This field allows you to choose the format in which you want to display the differences.

Command Line Interface

New Command Line Interface that allows you to execute Copado-related tasks from an IDE/Terminal and leverage Git and Salesforce commands, Agile tools, such as JIRA, and user story automation, among other things. Navigate to the Copado CLI Overview article to learn more.

Name Changes

  • Git Artifact has been renamed Git Package.
  • Package Artifact has been renamed Salesforce Package.
  • The Promote Change checkbox has been renamed Ready to Promote.

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