Program Architect Terms

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The Program Architect (“PA”) subscription term starts on the Order Start Date and ends on the Order End Date set forth in the applicable Order Form and is not calculated in hours or days. The PA subscription will be provided Monday through Friday, during the hours of 9am to 5pm in the time zone where the PA is located, except for designated non-attendance days. Non-attendance days consist of sixteen (16) administrative days during a 12-month term (or the pro-rated number of days for the applicable subscription term) plus the regional provision for public holidays recognized by Copado and paid time off (e.g. vacation, sick time). Administrative days include training days, volunteer time off and required attendance at company events. Customer acknowledges that PA subscription will not be available to Customer on non-attendance days. The PA subscriptions may be applied only to PA activities and not toward the purchase of any other Copado product or service (including without limitation support, or professional services). PA subscription will be provided remotely unless otherwise mutually agreed by Customer and Copado.

The PA is an advisory role, and may advise Customer on topics including but not limited to devops solution architecture, pipeline strategy, administrator & developer change experience, testing, testing strategy, security and compliance, strategic roadmap vision and planning, onboarding and adoption plan design, best practices related to the use of the Copado platform and Customer resource training. 

The PA subscription fees do not include travel or travel related expenses; any such expenses incurred by a PA in performing for Customer will be separately invoiced to and reimbursed by Customer in accordance with the Copado Travel and Expense policy. Customer requests to renew the same PA resource for an additional subscription term must be received at least forty-five (45) days prior to the Order End Date stated on the applicable Order Form. The PA subscriptions are non-cancelable, and fees paid are nonrefundable. If Customer does not use the potential amount of PA subscription time purchased during the applicable term, fees paid by Customer may not be refunded, extended, rolled over to another subscription period, or applied to another account or Copado product or service. 

The PA subscription provided pursuant to the applicable Order Form may include, at Customer’s direction, provision of software development related to configuration (“Configuration”) provided that any Configuration specifically excludes services related to testing, quality assurance (“QA”) and/or deployment of code to production. Testing, QA and deployment of code to production are Customer’s sole and exclusive responsibility. Upon Customer’s payment of fees due under the applicable Order Form, Copado grants Customer a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license to copy, maintain, use and run (as applicable) the results of the Configuration (“Contract Property”) solely for its internal business purposes associated with its use of the Copado Services. Copado and Customer each retains all right, title and interest in and to its respective intellectual property and Copado retains all ownership rights in the Contract Property.

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