Copado Class TestIntegration Validation errors while executing RunLocalTests

When deploying or validate apex class changes against production or any other sandbox using RunLocalTests, you may encounter the TestIntegration apex class errors, shown below:

User-added image

The above-mentioned errors are caused because of the CopadoCCMUtilities Apex class, so you have to make changes in your source org and filter out users that will match with the users that are assignees in Jira and they are not going to be portal or community users.
You can add a filter like license.Name == 'XXXXXXXXXXX' or you can also exclude community or portal users with a filter like license.Name != 'CommunityXXXXX '

The changes need to be done in the CopadoCCMUtilities apex class code's SOQL:

public static final Map<String,Id> userMap;
userMap = new Map<String,id>();
for(User u:[SELECT Id,Email FROM User WHERE IsActive = true AND Email != null]){

The SOQL query in the above code can be changed to: 

SELECT Id,Email FROM User WHERE IsActive = true AND Email != null AND license.Name != 'CommunityXXXXX '

After making the changes, try validating the CopadoCCMUtilities Apex class with the list of metadata already present in the User Story.

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