'Developer' field in user story record is blank after successful sync external user stories

'Developer' field in the User Story object is lookup (User) Data type. This field is mapped with the 'Assignee' field from JIRA as a part of standard mapping.
When you sync external user stories, JIRA will send all detail along with developer detail in email format. Using this, Copado will try to update the value in the user story record.

There can be two reasons for the 'Developer' field in salesforce to have blank values:
  1. Copado will not be able to locate the user record which matches the email ID sent by JIRA while updating the record in salesforce (Email ID is different in Salesforce User record and JIRA). This will cause the field to be updated with no value. Correcting this difference will solve the issue.
  2. Integration user between Salesforce and JIRA (Username set in named credential) do not have proper access to the email field of the JIRA account. In this case, JIRA will not be able to send email ID because of the lack of integration user's access. To solve the problem, the affected user (whose details are not updated in Salesforce) have to login to JIRA and follow the below steps:
  • Click on your avatar (available on the top right side of the page) > Account Settings 
User Avatar
  • Select the 'Profile and Visibility' option from the left widget of the screen
  • Go to the 'Contact' section of the page. Change the visibility of email address to 'Anyone' if the integration user is not the admin
Email visibility settings

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