How to exclude from the Pipeline Manager user stories you do not need to back promote to a specific environment

Whenever a new Environment is added to the Deployment Flow (Pipeline), all the user stories not marked with "Exclude From CBM" will be available to be back promoted.
If the new Environment is a sandbox created from Production, the sandbox will contain all the updates for the user stories that were deployed to production and you will not need to back promote them to the new sandbox.

How do you prevent these user stories from appearing in the back promotion page for the new sandbox?

The steps to exclude the US that you don't want to Back Promote to that specific environment are:
    1. Create a Promotion record with the Back Promotion checkbox enable and the Destination Environment your new sandbox.
    2. Add to that promotion all the user stories you do not need to back promote to that environment.
    3. Once the user stories have been added to the promotion, edit the promotion and change the status to Completed.


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