Backend Release 2021-02-01

Updated 9 months ago by Copado Solutions


  • Copado now supports Vlocity version 1.13.5.

Bug Fixes

  • When performing a destructive change on a field, if a conflict is identified by Copado while the feature branch is merged into the promotion branch, the auto resolve process will now include the removal of the field definition and the removal of the picklist value assignments in the record types (KI-00299). 
  • As of Copado v17.4, the Snapshot Difference feature supports files. This way, your snapshot difference will no longer fail due to an attachment size limitation (KI-00256).
  • When promoting user stories, if the promotion branch is not merged into the target branch, you will receive an error message explaining the reason, and the deployment status will be Completed with errors. For more information about this error, check out the Changes detected in target branch message returned when deploying article (KI-00332).

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