How to Use Copado Custom Permissions

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There are four custom permissions that allow you to enable functionalities in Copado. In this article, we will describe each of them in more detail.

To add any of these custom permissions you need to:

  1. Navigate to Setup
  2. Search for Custom Permissions
  3. Click on Edit and Add.
  4. Click on Save.
Custom Permissions

Now, let’s take a look at each of these permissions.

Edit Git Promotion Step

This allows you to remove items from the metadata grid in the Git Promotion step of the deployment. 

This is particularly useful if you need to remove components from the Git promotion that are included in your user stories, but for some reason you identify that they should not be deployed or that are causing issues with your deployment. 

Note that the promotion branch will not be updated for the removed items, so the deployed metadata and the promotion branch will not match.

Edit Quality Gate Step

When you have your deployment with enforced Quality Gate steps and have this custom permission assigned to your profile, you can edit those steps on the deployment page.

Edit User Story Commit Base Branch

This allows you to change the Base Branch on the commit page. An additional section above the metadata grid will be visible when having this permission assigned.

User Story base branch

Enable Vlocity Integration 

This permission will allow you to see and enable the Toggle Vlocity option under Account Summary to enable Vlocity support for your Copado implementation. 

Account Summary

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