Backend Release 2019-05-13

Updated 2 years ago by Copado Solutions


  • Previously, you could only run Apex tests in a User Story by pushing a button. Copado has now developed an option that allows you to run Apex tests programmatically and automatically via a webhook. With this webhook, you can build your custom logic for your quality process, e.g. running Apex Tests when someone commits Apex classes in a User Story.
  • Files with extension "cls-meta.xml" cannot be retrieved individually. As a result, changes applied in a meta.xml file directly in the Git repository were not detected and did not trigger a subsequent deployment in a CI. We have enhanced this behavior and now when applying changes to a meta.xml file, the CI process automatically executes the deployment of the related class.

Bug Fixes

  • The snapshot differences feature was not showing any results for components with ‘Created’ status when the Partial Selection checkbox was enabled, although these components were being displayed in a full snapshot difference. This has now been fixed and partial snapshot differences are showing the same results as full snapshot differences.
  • When deploying Custom Label translations, the entire translation file was deployed. This was causing issues when deploying some Custom Label translations to an organization that didn't have all the custom labels specified in the translation file. This behavior has changed and now we are trimming the file to deploy only the translations for the Custom Labels included in the deployment selections.
  • Code in Pre/post code execution section in Selenium Test Suites was not running with the latest version of the Metadata API. This is fixed.
  • When creating a Delete Metadata Deployment Task with classes, the deployment was failing since the test level could not be specified in the task. This has been fixed and now the deployment can accept this value as empty. Salesforce will apply then the Default Test level. You can find more information in the article Delete Metadata Step and Test Level in Deployments.
  • Users were experiencing errors while using \8 or \ue003 in their Selenium Test Cases. This has been fixed.

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