Scheduled Apex Tests

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Scheduled Apex Tests Overview

Automated Apex tests can be performed in your organization on a scheduled basis. Copado will automatically execute all the Apex tests within your Salesforce organization and save the results under the Credential object within the related list called Apex Test Results.

Scheduling Apex Tests

To schedule Apex tests, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Credentials tab.
  2. Select the credential (the org must have been successfully authenticated) for which you would like to schedule Apex tests.
  3. Click on Edit and choose an option from the field Test Frequency (the available options are: Daily, Weekly, Monthly).
To check the current schedule time, navigate to Setup > Scheduled Jobs.
  1. Click on Save.

You can review the detailed Apex test results from within your credential, see the screenshot below:

A printable view of the Apex test results is also available from the credential. To load a printable view that can be saved as a PDF or copied into Excel, simply click on the Apex Test Results Summary button.

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