Summer '20 (v16.1) - Release Notes

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Key Features

  • In order to add an extra security layer when installing Copado for the first time, there is a new button at the top right corner of the Account Summary page called Register Application. New customers will have to click on it to complete the registration with the Copado server.
    This step has to be performed right after the installation, and before creating and authenticating the org credentials.
  • Copado has created a new custom permission named Enable Vlocity Integration available only in Summer ‘20. This custom permission allows users to see the Toggle Vlocity button and enable Vlocity in their org even if they are not system admins.
  • When working with Copado Data Deploy, if you are deploying null values in records that contain the Shipping Address and Billing Address fields, you no longer need to recreate the templates after disabling these two fields. Simply click on Save Template to ensure the templates are updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Copado no longer throws an error when you click on the tab Promotion Metadata.
  • When you deploy data with a Data Template deployment step and then click on the link View Results to view the results on a new page, the Deployment page no longer scrolls up to the top when you return to that page and remains at the deployment step results.
  • Metadata components previously committed as retrieve only are now also preselected when you use the Recommit Files operation.
  • You are now redirected to the relevant tab after deleting an Org Credential or a Git Snapshot record.
  • Copado’s External CI Jobs feature can now retrieve jobs that live within a folder.

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