Pre-Built Data Templates

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As part of the Copado Data Deploy feature, Copado has configured pre-built data templates to help you deploy data for several widely-used tools.

These pre-built data templates have been designed to speed up your data deployment process and to save you the hassle of having to deploy different data templates in several steps or deployments, since you can select parent and child records within the main object template to deploy them in one go.

Please make sure you have an external Id field in each of the objects you are going to deploy with API name External_Id__c and populate a value in this field to avoid creating duplicate records. To automatically populate a value, you can use Copado's record matching functionality. For more information about how this feature works, check out the article Automatic Record Matching.

Here is a list of all the pre-built data templates you can download as well as an example of a CPQ diagram and an nCino diagram with a representation of the relationship among some of the objects so that you have a clear view of the elements involved. Click on each data template to download the JSON file.

These pre-built templates are just a starting point. Once you download them and import them to your org, you can update them as required to meet your business needs.

Salesforce Data Templates

In order to successfully import new products with their related data, you need to add the products and their standard prices in the destination. Please use this template to include all standard prices before you attempt to deploy the templates below.

Salesforce CPQ Data Templates

Please read through the article Copado Data Deploy for CPQ before you start importing your templates and deploying them to different environments in your pipeline. This article contains important considerations about Salesforce CPQ that will help you avoid deployment errors.

nCino Templates

Conga Templates

  • Conga Solution
    This main template includes the below child templates:
    • Conga Template
    • Conga Solution Report
    • Conga Solution Query
    • Conga Query
    • Conga Solution Email Template
    • Conga Email Template
    • Conga Collection Solution
    • Conga Collection
    • Conga Solution Parameter

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