Backend Release 2021-10-26

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Salesforce Functions are not supported by the Metadata API. Copado is working to support them in the near future. Stay tuned!
Salesforce API v53 requires the tag <identifier> to deploy flexipages. So if you have user stories in the middle of the pipeline with flexipages committed on API v52, you will get the following error message when trying to deploy them with API v53 because they don’t contain the tag: "The 'xxxx' component instance doesn't have an identifier specified."

The solution is to move the user story back to the original environment and commit the flexipage again so that the <identifier> tag is added to the feature branch and promote it through the pipeline to update the rest of the branches.

Bug Fixes

  • When committing flows with translation files, the <fullName> tag is no longer replaced with <fullName n1:nil="true" /> (KI-00232).
  • When running Compliance Hub in an org credential, the process no longer fails since the SecuritySettings component is now supported by the Metadata API (KI-00435).

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