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Copado Admin includes unlimited OAuth authentication to Salesforce orgs, automated Apex testing, continuous integration with Git repositories, Git metadata backups, metadata & data deployments and difference calculations. It also includes all change management functionality, but not Selenium testing. It offers access to all Copado functionality and only users with this license are able to deploy to production.

License details: All customers must have at least one Copado Admin license to manage Copado and deploy to production (this license is also required for validation deployments against production). All Plan and Copado User features are also available in Copado Admin This is a user-dependent license with access to features that consume credits. This license includes 10,000 credits. For further information about credits, please, visit our Credit Usage article.

Roles / Users: Typically Release Managers, Senior Developers and maybe Project Managers would be assigned the Enterprise Edition license as these users manage the release management process, perform deployments to production and need the extended range of functionalities.


  • OAuth authentication: Authenticate unlimited orgs using OAuth.
  • Automated Apex testing: Run Apex test on a daily basis and be proactive when the test is not passing.
  • Git version control: Deploy from Git, compare branches, commit, rollback, etc.
  • Automated Git backups: Take a snapshot of all the metadata on an org into a Git repository/branch of your choice.
  • Deployment of users: Select users from a source org and deploy them to another org. No more data-loader and vlookup to map all the Id fields.
  • Deployment of data: Easily move data with relationships across orgs.
  • Deployment of profiles and permission sets: Just select profiles/permission sets and Copado will deploy them all (including FLS, OLS, tab visibility).
  • Deploy to multiple orgs: Create a deployment and deploy it to an unlimited amount of orgs in parallel and validate changes before deploying them.
  • Deployment of metadata: Like change-sets or ant-scripts but ten times faster. You can search, filter and select any lightning metadata faster.
  • Deployment of translations: Just select the language and Copado will deploy all translated items (fields, labels, tabs, etc.).
  • Pre/Post deployment jobs: Run Apex test on source before or run a Selenium test on destination after a deployment.
  • Org & commit differences: Compare 2 orgs, or an org and a commit, check the differences and deploy all or just a selection.
  • Scheduling of deployments: Prepare a deployment and schedule it to run at any date/time in the future.
  • Jenkins plugin: For those who have Jenkins in place, use the power of Copado to enhance the Salesforce/Jenkins experience.
  • Simple and powerful: Define a continuous integration process in seconds, no servers needed, and trigger a deployment upon commits to a certain branch.
  • Leverage the Webhooks API with Salesforce Process Builder or Apex in order to further automate your process.

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