Selenium Test Suites

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A Selenium Test Suite is a collection of Selenium test cases. It is a set of test cases that are part of a scenario or process that we want to get tested. A group of test cases may also contain prerequisite status or steps, and descriptions of the following tests.

Creating Selenium Test Suites

To create a new Selenium Test Suite follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Selenium Test Suites tab.
  2. Click on New.
  3. Enter a name for the test suite and optionally associate the test script with a test script (Copado Change Management).
  4. Pre/post-code execution can also be added. This can be used for test creation or data deletion once the Selenium test run is completed. It is a good practice to delete unnecessary data after running a test suite.
  5. Click on Save and then on Add/Remove Test Cases​. This page allows you to add, re-order and remove test cases from the test suite as well as to select the dataset to be executed, if needed. For example, if you have one test case with 3 different datasets, you can add that test case 3 times to your test suite, each of them with a different dataset. You can then re-order them using drag and drop.

Running Selenium Test Suites

In the same way as with Selenium test cases, Selenium test suites are intended to be run. For this purpose, Copado offers two ways:

  • Quick run: With this option, Copado creates automatically a test run for the test suite, taking the specific quick run Selenium settings.
  • Create a test run and relate it to the test suite.

Take a look at the article Selenium Test Runs to learn how to configure and proceed with the two ways mentioned above.

Apart from the list of test cases that contain Selenium test suites, the screen also shows the Selenium Test Runs related list and the results of every execution.

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