How Do I Move Field Accessibility Settings?

There are two types of settings that can be found in every field.

Field-Level Security: This controls the access of profiles to a field.

Field Accessibility: This depends on the access profiles have and on the field’s visibility in the layout.


In order to move the Field Level Security, you just need to move the profile and the field.

In order to move the Field Accessibility, you need to move also the layout, since the accessibility depends on the FLS setting and the field’s visibility in the layout.


So basically, Field Accessibility is the result of the access to the field, considering the access the profile( FLS) has and visibility in the layout.

If you create a field in the source org and move only the field and the profile to the destination org, you will be moving only the FLS, and the field will not be visible in any layout in the destination. Therefore, the accessibility will be always hidden because of the page layout.


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