BETA: Backend Upgrade 2017-05-29

Updated 2 years ago by Copado Solutions

Key Features

  • Enhancement:   When doing Git Promotions, Copado will deploy from Git only the components selected in the User Stories, with support for nested components. This means that if a User Story includes 1 field and 1 FLS, Copado will deploy from Git only 1 field and 1 FLS, and avoid deploying existing components. This will make deployments faster and increase the success rate when environments are out of sync. Moreover, this functionality can be used to select Test Classes, even if they haven't change, so those test classes will be used to measure the User Story code coverage, and later RunSpecifiedTest deployments.
  • Enhancement: Standard tabs are now listed on the Metadata cache. Since the Metadata describe doesn't list the standard tabs, Copado has to retrieve the list using the SOAP API.

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