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As part of Copado Continuous Delivery, we have enhanced the pipeline feature with a redesigned Pipeline Configuration page where you can view and manage the environments and their connections, and manage connection behaviors to automate promotions and quality gates:

Icons and Actions on the Pipeline Configuration Page


Let's take a look at the Pipeline Configuration page and see what the icons on this page mean:

  1. The right arrow indicates that there are user stories ready to be moved to the next environment.
  2. The left arrow indicates that there are user stories to be back-promoted.
  3. The infinity icon over the right arrow indicates that there is an automated promotion. If no automations have been set up, a hand will be displayed.
  4. The shield indicates the presence of automations, such as Selenium tests or compliance scans.
  5. The clock over the left arrow indicates that there is a scheduled back-promotion. If there are no scheduled back-promotions, a hand will be displayed instead.
  6. A hand icon indicates that a connection behavior is applied, but the promotion or back-promotion is manual.

If the icons are greyed out, this means that there is no connection behavior applied. In this case, both promotions and back-promotions must be performed manually.

From the header of the Pipeline Configuration page, you can perform three actions:

  • Click on Return to Pipeline to go back to the Pipeline page.
  • Click on Variables to set environment variables - these allow you to replace values in metadata as part of a deployment.
  • View Pipeline Details: This opens the Salesforce record detail page for the pipeline.

Within the environment box, you can click on the shield icon to create a connection behavior

or on the drop-down menu to edit the environment. If you already have a connection behavior on that environment, two more options will be displayed, Clone Behavior of Incoming Connection and Clone Behavior of Outgoing Connection:

Next, take a look at the Connection Behaviors article to learn more about the different automations and quality gates you can apply throughout your release management process with Copado Continuous Delivery.

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