Cancel a Deployment from Copado

When you are in the Deployment record, you can see a Cancel Deployment button.

This button will cancel any deployment step that hasn't started yet but it will NOT cancel deployment steps that are in progress. Steps that are in progress will continue and completed steps will not be rolled back.

Before the cancellation:

User-added image

After the cancellation:

User-added image

In order to cancel a deployment step that is in progress, you need to click on View Deployment Status.

In the deployment status page you can see a Cancel button. This button will become available once the deployment process starts in the target org.

User-added image

Clicking on Cancel will request the cancellation via the Metadata API to Salesforce. Sometimes, even if you click on this button and the deployment status changes to 'canceling', Salesforce will continue and deploy the changes. This could be the case if the cancellation request was placed too late for Salesforce to stop it. At this point, there is nothing else Copado can do apart from requesting the cancellation and showing the progress to the user.

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