Test Scripts

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A test script is a list of predefined steps that you need to follow in order to test the specifications of a system.

How to Create a Test Script

Test scripts can be created within a user story that can be executed by a Copado or Change Management user. To create a test script, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Test Scripts tab or to the Test Script (User Story) related list within a user story.
It is recommended that test scripts be created from the Test Scripts related list on the user story.
  1. Fill in all the desired fields and click on Save.

Adding Test Script Steps

  1. Navigate to the Test Script record you have already created and click on Add Test Script Steps.
  2. Use the Add Row button to save your test script step.
  3. Click on Update/Save to update your test script step.
  4. Use the arrows on the left to drag and drop the steps and rearrange them.
  5. When finished, click on I’m done.

Additional Information

Test Scripts can also be automated using Selenium. In order to do this, link the test script to a Selenium test suite by selecting it from the Test Script lookup field.

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