Org Differences Overview

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This feature performs a comparison between two Salesforce orgs and returns the metadata differences between them.

These differences can be filtered by date range, user and type of difference (creations, updates and deletions), and can then be optionally deployed to help maintain the consistency between various sandboxes and/or the production environment.

The selection of source and destination orgs is not limited to connected Salesforce instances (production-sandbox or sandboxes for the same organization).

How Are Differences Calculated?

Org differences are calculated based on the last modified dates of the components in the source and destination orgs. To find metadata differences in content, use the Snapshot differences feature instead. 

When calculating org differences, a list of metadata is retrieved for the two orgs, and if the last modified date of a component is greater in the source environment, the component will be flagged as an update. If the last modified date is greater in the destination environment, no 'updated' flag will be shown. 

If a component experienced changes, but these were reverted, this component will appear as an update difference even if the content of the component is the same in both orgs. The last modified date can also be different if the component was deployed to the source org without any content/configuration changes. 

For additional information about org differences, visit the article How to Create an Org Difference.

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