Deployment Step: Data Template

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A deployment step is an action that is executed by Copado during a deployment. The new Data Template deployment step allows you to easily deploy data templates.

To deploy a data template, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Deployments tab and click on New to create a new deployment.
  2. From the available record types, select Advanced (multi-step):

    Advanced (multi-step) record type

  1. Give your deployment a name, select a source org and click on Save:

    Save button
  2. You will be redirected to the classic deployment page. Add a destination environment for your deployment.
  3. Next, click on Add Step and select Data Template.
  4. From the Select Data Source picklist, select Environment based on Data Template if you want to deploy data from a data template or Data Set if you want to deploy a data set.
  5. Next, select a data template or data set, depending on your choice in the previous step:

    Data Step details

  1. Click on Save to save the step.
  2. If you want to validate your step and ensure your data is deployable before actually executing the deployment, click on Validate. Once the deployment has been validated, a message with the result will be displayed so that you can troubleshoot any potential issues:

    Step Validation

  1. Add other steps if desired and submit the deployment. Once the deployment is completed, click on View results in the Result screen to review the deployment errors if any:

View Results link

Results table

You can also download the results in a CSV file by clicking on Download All Results (CSV).

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