Deployment Step: Users

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The Users deployment step lets you deploy users from one org to another.


  • Both standard and custom fields of users are deployed.
  • Optionally you can include user territory assignments and permission sets as part of the deployment.
  • For users with a manager and/or delegated approver assignments, these are mapped across as part of the deployment.
  • Only internal users (UserType=’Standard’) will be retrieved.

Territories and Permission Sets

When transferring territories and/or permission sets, these need to have been deployed already in a previous step in order for the User deployment step to succeed. Copado will deploy users automatically and then associate the corresponding territories and/or permission sets with the user. If users are not activated, permission sets won't be assigned.

Manager and Delegated Approver

When transferring users with an associated manager and/or delegated approver, Copado will deploy the users and associate the manager and/or delegated approver with the deployed users automatically. Please note that the related user must also be queried and be present in the deployment. This may all be done within 1 step and does not require a multi-step deployment, as with territories and permission sets. In order for permission sets to be assigned, users must be deployed as ‘Active’.

Suffix Information

During the deployment, Copado will append a suffix to the username, an email and the community nickname. If no suffix is specified, nothing will be appended. If a ‘From Suffix’ is specified and not a ‘To Suffix’ then the text ending with the ‘From Suffix’ will be replaced with the ‘To Suffix’.

E.g. In a deployment from a sandbox called UAT to production, the 'From Suffix' will be set to 'UAT' and the ‘To Suffix’ will be left blank. John Smiths username (e.g. will become Bear in mind that user deployments must run on a single destination org deployment.


Sandbox named, ‘UAT’ -> Production

Email ->

Username ->


JohnSmithUAT -> JohnSmith

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