Deployment Step: Bulk Data

Updated 3 months ago by Copado Solutions

Copado allows you to create and manage deployment steps when executing a deployment. There are several types of deployment steps. In this article we will go over the Bulk Data deployment step.

The Bulk Data deployment step works exactly in the same way as the Data deployment step, but it uses the Bulk API instead of the SOAP API:

The Bulk Data deployment step allows you to bulk deploy records from one org to another based on a SOQL query via the Bulk API.

With the Bulk Data deployment step you can also deploy related records using multiple steps.

Please note that, when deploying related records, you need to reference the external Id field of the parent record in the query

Also, the following SOQL is not supported by the Bulk API:

  • SUM
  • Nested SOQL queries

Additional Information

  • The batch size is 1000.
  • The fields included in the query are expected to exist in the destination org (with the same API names and data types).
  • Data transformation is currently not supported.

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