Promote Action

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The Promote action is one of the standard Copado actions and is responsible for three main things:

  • Merging the feature branches of the user stories included in the promotion.
  • Reporting merge conflicts and resolving them.
  • Preparing the merge information for the deployment action.

Like all other standard actions, it is divided into three parts:

  • An Apex invocable method that prepares and validates the Copado objects involved in the promotion and caches the data for the job execution.
  • An execution process that consists of a promotion job template that includes the function that will perform the action.
  • The job callback which can apply some custom logic (for instance, updating a field) when the job execution ends.

This action is triggered when you click on the Merge Changes button on the Promotion page and can be very helpful if you want to review any potential conflicts that may arise ahead of the release and start merging your changes.

For more information about promoting and deploying your changes in Multi-Cloud, please review the article Deployment Process in Multi-Cloud.

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