Backend Release 2021-11-09

Updated 2 weeks ago by Copado Solutions

Key Features

The following StandardValueSets have been added to the metadata grid as part of the KI-00506:

  • InteractionInteractionType
  • InteractionSummaryStatus
  • InteractionPurpose
  • ConfidentialityType
  • InteractionAttendeeType
  • InteractionAttendeeResponse
  • IPolicyStatus
  • IPolicyParticipantRole

Bug Fixes

  • Type Filtered Metadata Grid is now showing Vlocity components when selecting any type of component (KI-00335).
  • Pull request record in Copado is no longer changing the status to merged if no action is performed in Azure or Copado (KI-00438).
  • Deployment tasks with the checkbox Disable Task from Back-Promotion are now working as expected and are not included in the back promotion deployments (KI-00499).
  • When deploying full permission sets and profiles, the field level security is no longer removed for fields that belong to custom objects whose names contain the name of a standard object that exists in the source environment but not in the target environment (KI-00500).
  • When committing in a user story, the environment variable key is applied correctly in the feature branch (KI-00502).
  • Custom Label Translations are now being deployed correctly when the Custom Label is committed as Retrieve Only  (KI-00501).

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