Copado Agile Delivery (CAD)

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Copado Agile Delivery (CAD) gives you access to Change Management basic functionality such as user stories, sprints, epics, etc. However, you will not be able to commit changes to user stories, deploy user stories or add deployment-related information to user stories. The agile delivery license allows non-deployment related users to define or work on user stories within the same system as developers and doesn't an integration to external project management tools.

License details: CAD is a sub-set of Copado Change Management functionality without the ability to add metadata to user stories or deploy them, so it is already included within the Copado Enterprise Edition or Copado Change Management and available as an add-on license.

Roles/Users: Typical users that are assigned this license type are developers, project managers,  business users, scrum masters, product owners and functional testers.


  • Create and manage user stories, projects, sprints, epics, test scripts.
  • Use chatter feed to collaborate around a user story and keep track of decisions.
  • Run functional test scripts on user stories.
  • Use sprint wall and work manager dashboards with backlog, backburner, sprints and other configurable panels for user story management.
  • Leverage Salesforce report and dashboard capabilities to monitor the status and progress of user stories.
  • Enhance Copado to your liking with Salesforce configuration with further project management functionality.

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