Copado Notification Warning Not Completed

When many users attempt to commit or promote to the same branch at the same time, there are often times conflicts. In order to avoid these conflicts. Copado displays warning messages when a user tries to carry out an action in a branch at the same time as other users.

There are several pages where a background validation is done in order to inform you about a potential conflict situation so that you can decide what to do:

  • Git Snapshot: When you create a snapshot of a branch that is currently being updated.
  • Git Commit: When you click on Commit Changes within the user story  and you try to commit to a branch.
  • Branch Management: For all the branches where potential conflict actions are currently being running.
  • User Story: If the next promotable branch is currently being updated.
  • Promotion: If the next promotable branch is currently being updated.
  • Deployment: The warning message will be displayed if the next promotable branch is currently being updated.
A notification record will be created for every job that generates a warning. This means that, if a deployment is triggered three times, a notification record will be created each time since the three deployments will be processed in three different jobs.

Let's suppose that a deployment is triggered and creates a notification record. The deployment fails unexpectedly and you trigger the deployment again. This will create two notification records. If the first notification record was not updated properly due to the unexpected deployment failure, the fact that the deployment is completed on the second try will not update the first notification since they are related to two different jobs. This will leave a Copado notification ‘in progress’ that has to be cancelled or completed manually.

What Could Cause a Copado Notification Not to Be Updated Properly?

  1. Any job that fails unexpectedly might cause the Copado notification not to be updated. backend issues, network connection issues or an unexpected response from Salesforce might also cause this.

  2. A job might also be cancelled by our backend team if it has been stuck in progress for too long. In this case, the Copado notification will not be updated.

We do our best to update these notifications no matter what happens with the job, but there are still unexpected scenarios where the notification may not be updated.

How Can You Mark a Copado Notification as Completed?

Whenever this happens, you can click on the Task Name to open the Copado Notification record.

User-added image

Navigate to the ParentId record to check if the task was actually completed or if it's still in progress. If it was already completed, you can update the notification by manually enabling the Finished checkbox.

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