Backend Release 2021-07-06

Updated 3 months ago by Copado Solutions

Bug Fixes

  • CustomTab and FlexiPage are now supported in destructive changes (KI-00411).
  • If you have the repository with src (parent) folder structure and you deploy an email template, a dashboard or a report, if Git detects a conflict during the merge, Copado resolves the conflict correctly  (KI-00423).
  • Custom permissions are removed from permission sets when using destructive changes (KI-00417).
  • When performing a destructive change for:
    • A custom object, the layout assignments from profiles are removed in Git (KI-00422).
    • An Apex Page, the references in profiles are removed in Git (KI-00426).
  • Copado is now resolving conflicts correctly for email templates containing email-meta.xml files (KI-00428).

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