Winter '21 (v17.5) - Release Notes

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This is a minor release of Winter ‘21 that includes the following enhancements and fixes.

Key Features

Copado Data Deploy
  • Improved error message when you try to build a new formula using the record matching functionality for an object that already has a formula. 
Copado Core
  • In order to simplify implementations, Copado has deprecated unsupported permission sets from the managed package and only supports the Copado_user permission set. Here is the list of the permission sets that need to be deleted from your org (tip: you can delete them with a destructive change). 
  • Copado has introduced some enhancements in Copado Smart Tips:
    • Two new fields have been added to Copado Smart Help:
      • Triggering Metadata Items, where you can specify specific metadata items to trigger the tips that will be displayed when the user selects these metadata items.
      • Help Text Url, where you can add hyperlinks in the Help Text box. The URL must be entered with https:// format. 
    • Help Text values have been added to the Copado Smart Tips fields to explain how to use them properly. 
    • The Triggering Value field has been renamed to Triggering Metadata Type.
Copado Compliance Hub
  • Copado Compliance Hub Rule page has been converted into a FlexiPage, so now you’re able to edit and adjust the Rule Detail Information of compliance rules to your needs. For more information about this feature, please check the How to Create a Compliance Rule article.

Upgrade Instructions

Copado Smart Help 
  • Add the Triggering Metadata Items and Help Text Url fields to the Copado Smart Help Layout. To do so, you need to:
    • Navigate to SetupCustom Metadata Types → Select Copado Smart Help → In the Page Layouts section select Copado Smart Help Layout. 
Compliance Rule
  • Remove the Owner field from the Compliance Rule Layout.
  • Remove Compliance Rule Criteria related list from Compliance Rule Layout.
  • Add Compliance Rule Group Items related list to Compliance Rule layout.
  • Reorder fields in Compliance Rule Layout as provided in the new design:

Bug Fixes

  • When creating a validation deployment with post-deployment manual tasks included on it, the promotion status was being updated to Completed and the environment on the user story was being replaced by the destination environment of the deployment, although nothing was being deployed, since it was a validation deployment. This issue has now been fixed and the promotion and the user story reflect the correct information (KI-00305).

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