Copado Change Management Summer '21 - Upgrade Instructions

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Upgrade Instructions

Update the existing Field Mapping Record
  • Add the IssueType and System.WorkItemType to the Field Mapping object.



  • Add the related list Record Type Mappings to the Project Layout. 
  • Add the Salesforce Record Type Name and Third Party Record Type Name fields to the Record Type Mappings related list from the Project Layout.



  • Add the Enable Community Users custom field to the Project Layout.

Configuring the Record Type Mappings Records 

  1. You need to manually configure the Record Type Mapping records for the following record types:
    1. Jira
      Jira Record Types
    2. Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps Record Types

You can find the links to install the package in the DevOps Exchange section in our Success community.

For more information on creating record type mappings in Jira, check the Jira Integration Setup article and for Azure DevOps, check the Azure DevOps Integration Setup article. 

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