No Snapshot records could be found to create your File Commit

When you try to commit in a user story, you may come across the warning below after clicking on the Commit Files button.


User-added image

There are two reasons why this warning may be displayed, even though you know the Git Snapshot record exists.

  1. The Git Snapshot Permissions field in the Git Snapshot record has been set to Allow Snapshots Only. This won’t allow you to use the Git snapshot to commit files. Only full snapshot are allowed.



  1. You are trying to commit, but you don’t have visibility on the Git Snapshot record. Although it is recommended, not all the users that commit files have their own Git Snapshot record. You just need to have visibility on the existing Git snapshot of the org credential in the user story.

Why Don't You Have Visibility on the Git Snapshot?

As with any other Salesforce object, if you don’t have access to a record, it is as if that record didn't exist. A Git snapshot is a child record of the Org Credential object and is linked to an org credential. If you don't have access to the org credential linked to the user story, you won’t have access to the Git snapshot linked to that org credential.

How Can You Solve This Issue or Prevent It from Happening?

  1. You need to have an org credential in the environment used in the user story and also a Git snapshot linked to your own org credential.
  2. You need Read/Write permissions in the org credential used in the user story.

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