Promotion Overview

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A promotion is a container used to deploy one or multiple user stories from one environment to another following a designated pipeline.

When running a promotion with user stories that contain metadata changes, Copado's backend creates a promotion branch, which will be used to deploy the metadata changes into the destination environment.

A promotion branch is the merge of the feature branches of all the related user stories into a copy of the branch of the destination environment (aka the destination branch). The promotion branch is created out of the destination branch in order to keep the existing changes in the destination while adding new developer contributions to it.

By default, promotions with metadata changes have at least one related promotion branch, however, in some advanced cases, it is possible to have more promotion branches within the same promotion.

Customization with Field Sets

There are field sets available to customize the information shown in the User Stories related list in the Promotion record, and in the promotions edit view.

You can click on the user story number to open and view the User Story records:

For more information about promotions, please refer to the article How to Create a Promotion.

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