Backend Release 2021-12-21

Updated 1 month ago by Copado Solutions

Key Features

Copado now supports the Auto Compilation of LWC OmniScript and Cards for those customers in the CopaGCP backend.

This feature is not supported for the Heroku backend. For more information, please check the Vlocity Integration article.

If you have overridden the Copado’s Default Build Tool Commands to include the ignoreLWCActivationOS and ignoreLWCActivationCards settings, we recommend removing them from your "vlocity-settings.yaml" files.

Bug Fixes

  • When approving a pull request in Github with some approval comments, the comments get populated on the Body field of the Pull Request Review record in Copado (KI-00513).
  • WaveDataflow components are now visible in the metadata grid if they are generated as part of a WaveRecipe (KI-00378).
  • Profiles are now updated in Git when deleting record types with Destructive Changes (KI-00516).
  • The proper environment variable is now applied to the feature branch when a commit is made through a user story (KI-00502).

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