Backend release 2020-12-14

Updated 10 months ago by Copado Solutions


  • When generating external Ids during a Data Deploy, the batch size used to update the External Ids will be the same batch size specified in the Data template. The update of records, with new external Id values, is set to a default batch size of 200,  but if a different value is specified in the data template, this will be the one used.

Bug fixes

  • When using Copado Continuous Delivery combined with external CI jobs, the External CI deployment step is now being created after the Git Promotion deployment step. (KI-00314).
  • The “Vlocity-settings.yaml” in the environment records are now supported as attachments and files. 
  • When adding @debug to a Vlocity metadata deployment, the correct zip attachments are now being generated.
  • When a data deployment finishes, the users will be able to find in the data deployment resume screen the table with the deployed records without the need of refreshing the browser. 
  • Managed package CustomMetadata fields are now being retrieved and committed in Git and deployed successfully (KI-00327). 
  • CpqConfigurationSetup has been added to Vlocity list, so now when this type of component is deployed, you will no longer receive the error message: "Unknown type name 'CpqConfigurationSetup' specified in package.xml" (KI-00334).

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