Version 8.6.1 - Release Notes

Updated 2 years ago by Copado Solutions

Key Features

  • Integrate Copado with an external CI server, like Jenkins, using the new External CI Jobs. Click here for more information.
  • Github Pull Requests are now integrated within Copado User Stories. Click here for more information.
  • Added support for PUT, PATCH and DELETE methods on URL Callout steps in Copado deployments.
  • The user story metadata index is now updated automatically whenever you add/commit metadata in a user story. A new detail page shows you other user stories where potential conflicts has been detected. Click here for more information.
  • Improvement: Create validation deployments in Git Promotion records without having to Combine Metadata and Git Metadata.

Upgrade Instructions

  • Go to Setup -> Create Objects -> User Story -> User Story Layout, and add the "User Story Pull Requests", "User Story Metadata", "External CI Jobs" and "External CI Job Results" related lists. Edit the "User Story Metadata" related list and add the new "Status Icon" field.
  • Go to Setup -> Create Objects -> Environment -> Environment Layout, and add the "External CI Jobs" and "External CI Job Results" related lists.
  • Go to Setup -> Create -> Apps -> Branch Management -> Edit -> Add the "External CI Settings" and "External CI Jobs" tabs.

New Objects and Fields

(Make sure OLS, FLS, Tab Visibility and Layouts are properly set for the following components).

  • New Custom Fields:
    • User_Story_Metadata__c.Status_Icon__c
  • New Visual Force Pages:
    • UserStoryMetadata
    • EditExternalCISetting
    • ViewExternalCIJob
    • ViewExternalCISetting
    • EditExternalCIJob
  • New Tabs:
    • External CI Setting
    • External CI Job
  • New Layouts:
    • External CI Job Layout
    • External CI Job Result Layout
    • External CI Setting Layout
    • Pull Request Review Layout
    • Pull Request Layout
  • New Objects:
    • External CI Job Result
    • External CI Setting
    • External CI Job
    • Pull Request Review
    • Pull Request

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