How to update the deployment record in Copado after a successful validation in Salesforce.

The steps shared on this article will only work if the validation deployment was completed successfully in Salesforce and the quick deploy option is available in the target org.

Suppose you have a validation deployment that was completed in Salesforce but for some reason the deployment record was not updated in Copado as expected. You can see the validation deployment completed and ready to be quick deployed in Salesforce but in Copado the validation deployment record says “Completed with Errors”.

You can fix the deployment record in Copado so that the next deployment uses the quick deployment option by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to the deployment status section in the target organization and find the validation deployment ready to be quick deployed.
2. Get the name of the deployment. It's a 15 characters id.
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3. Convert the id to 18 characters with this page:
4. Go back to the deployment record in salesforce.
5. Open the deployment step by clicking on the eye icon.
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6. Open the deployment job from the deployment step.
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7. Populate the fields below with the 18 characters id above.
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8. Deploy the deployment after deactivating the CheckOnly checkbox.
9. The deployment will run as QuickDeploy using the id's on the step #7.

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