Static code analysis show unexpected character error

Using static code analysis button from user story or org credential appears a red pop-up with the error message below:

 First of all, you need to check the unexpected character article and if you cannot fix the issue please follow the steps:

  1. Go to the Static Code Analysis Settings tab and open the same that you have associated with your pipeline.
  2. Check if the Record Type field is empty.
  3. Try to add the PMD or CodeScan option and click in Save.
  4. The Record Type is still empty.

If you cannot see the record type field go to Static Code Analysis Settings Layout and add it.

To fix this problem you must follow these steps:

  1. Open Setup and click objects.
  2. Go to Static Code Analysis Settings Custom Object.
  3. Go to the Buttons, Links, and Actions sections and click in Edit in the Edit Button line.

  1. You need to change the Salesforce Classic Override option from No override to Standart Page and save.

  1. Back to static code analysis settings and change the record type. It should work now.
  2. Once the record type is selected, revert the change in the step #4.

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