Smart Conflict Resolution

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When you manually resolve conflicts using the Online Conflict Resolution feature, Copado learns about these conflicts and how they have been resolved, and stores the resolution in an attachment in your Git Repository record. When the exact same conflict occurs, Copado automatically applies this resolution without prompting you to manually resolve the conflict again. This feature is called Smart Conflict Resolution.

Smart Conflict Resolution Flow

When the Smart Conflict Resolution feature is triggered, the conflict is marked as AUTO RESOLVED and the resolution is then documented in the merge commit message as follows: "Smart online merged". This means that Copado has automatically re-used a previous conflict resolution strategy:

Enabling/Disabling the Smart Conflict Resolution Functionality

The smart conflict resolution functionality is enabled by default. However, if you don’t want Copado to continue applying the last conflict resolution strategy stored for a particular conflict, you can easily disable this feature by unchecking the Enable Smart Conflict Resolution checkbox on the Pipeline record:

If the checkbox is disabled, Copado will still store conflict resolution strategies, but these will not be applied to other promotions in the pipeline.

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