Data Deploy Error: ID column missing in template: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When using Data Deploy on version 16.1, users may encounter the following deployment error when attempting to deploy after creating a new data template: ID column missing in template: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


To resolve this error, the one of the following workarounds can be used:

Option 1:

1. Navigate to Setup > Custom Metadata Types. 

2. Go to Data Template Setup and click on Manage Records.

3. Edit Disabled Fields and remove the "Id" field from the list

4. Click Save


Note: If you cannot see the API Names field, edit the Data Template Setup layout and add it to the layout.

Once you have removed this field, go to the Data Templates tab and recreate the templates that failed with the error message. All new data templates will not have this error message anymore.


Option 2:

This workaround does not require recreating the data template, but can be more complex. 

1. Open the data template that has the error message.

2. Open the standard record detail by overriding the Visualforce page

3. Download the data template json file attachment

4. Add the field Id in the list of selected fields within the JSON

5. Delete the original data template json file attachment

6. Upload the edited json file to the data template record

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