Can I Test Copado in a Sandbox?

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Copado can run in a sandbox in the same way it runs in production. Before using Copado in a sandbox (or in any other developer, production or trial org), you need to contact our Success  team in order to be provisioned with all the features and licenses. This is a requirement even if you have refreshed the sandbox from a production org where Copado is installed and fully provisioned.

We do not recommend using Copado in a sandbox or any other org other than production other than for testing purposes.

You can contact our Success team at to request the licenses that you need for testing and provide the organization Id where you want to use Copado. The request will be evaluated by our team before any licenses are provided.

Limitations of Installing Copado in a Sandbox

  1. Licenses and features work in the same way as in production except for installed package licenses. There are no installed package licenses in a sandbox. The Manage Licenses links under the Installed Packages section do not exist in sandboxes. All the users have access to the package, but only the users with any of the Copado licenses (User, Admin, Guest, etc.) will be able to perform actions with Copado.


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When using a sandbox refreshed from production, please make sure you do the setup from scratch in the sandbox rather than using the setup cloned from production since this may cause issues when working with Copado. We do recommend using a developer or partial sandbox without cloning the Copado setup records and then performing the setup in the sandbox again.

  1. The storage limit of a sandbox versus a production org is lower for files (attachments and files) and data (created records). According to Salesforce documentation this is the storage limit for the different types of sandboxes:



Developer Sandbox

Data storage: 200 MB

File storage: 200 MB

Developer Pro Sandbox

Data storage: 1 GB

File storage: 1 GB

Partial Data Sandbox

Data storage: 5 GB

File storage: Same as your production org

Full Copy

Same as your production org

This limit, depending on the usage of Copado and other applications, may be reached faster than in your production org. 

  1. If the sandbox is refreshed (on purpose or by a human error), all the information from Copado will be overwritten with the metadata from its source org. If the sandbox is a clone or if it uses a sandbox template, the refresh process updates the org’s data in addition to its metadata.

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