Backend Release 2019-02-04

Updated 2 years ago by Copado Solutions

Key Features

  • Salesforce API is upgraded from version 43.0 to version 44.0. With this new version, there are some changes in the way flows are handled. Please see the article How to Deploy Flows from v44 for more information.
  • Teamcity is also included as an external continuous integration tool.
  • Profiles and PermissionSets committed as full Profile or full PermissionSet are now deployed with the same Full Profile/Full PermissionSet step behavior.
  • If the Test Level of a Delete Metadata step is set to 'RunSpecifiedTest', Copado's backend will use the 'Test classes' attachment of the deployment step record.
  • Git Repository information is now stored in a protected custom setting in Salesforce.
  • The apex test run results now displays the Apex Classes and Triggers with their corresponding Namespace.
Performance Improvements
  • Copado commits retrieve only the necessary files to perform the commit action, therefore the commit speed has increased.
  • The Git merge renaming logic has been improved.
  • Enhancement of DX artifact management.
  • Enhancement of DX project branch creation.

Bug Fixes

  • Deployment of Installed packages is working as expected. The new RSS tag in the InstalledPackage is now supported.
  • The issue with the commit execution status that gets stuck on 'Pending' has now been fixed.
  • When adding visibility of a new object in a permission set, visibility of other objects in the same permission set is no longer deleted.
  • When performing destructive changes of an object, the object's Compact Layouts are now also deleted.
  • When using destructive changes, CustomField relations are now correctly removed.
  • "You must provide at least one test to run" error won't be shown when destructive changes are deployed to production.
  • Fixed user story apex text coverage calculations.
  • When a new Person Account's Record Type is created with differences between the Record Type Label and the Record Type Name, the name of the component displayed on the metadata selection grid is now the correct one.
  • Deployment of picklist value assignments is now working with the Retrieve Only checkbox.
  • Dx Artifact snapshot now doesn't delete TempArtifactMetadata.
  • Trimming errors returned during deployments are now fixed.
  • The Apex Test behavior when Tests Class is added to metadata as 'Test Only' has been fixed.
  • Cases where email error notifications were not being sent have now been fixed.

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