Deployment Flow Steps

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As of Summer ‘19, Deployment Flow Steps have been renamed Pipeline Connections.

Overview and Setup Steps

A deployment flow defines the path user stories will follow through the release process.

Once you have created a deployment flow, you can add steps to it and specify the source and destination environments. To create a deployment flow step, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the deployment flow you have previously created.
  2. Click on the Related tab.
  3. From the Related tab, click on New next to Deployment Flow Steps.
  4. Fill in the relevant fields and click on Save.

Relevant Fields in a Deployment Flow Step

  • Deployment Flow Step Reference: Copado will create a reference number once the deployment flow step is saved.
  • Deployment Flow: This field will be autopopulated with the name of the deployment flow where you would like to add the step.
  • Source Environment: Specify a source environment for your step.
  • Destination Environment: Specify a destination environment for you step.
  • Branch: Select the Git branch linked to the source environment.
  • Test Level: Select a test level for your deployment flow step. The recommended test level is Run Local Tests.
  • Enable as Scratch Org Target: This field determines if new scratch orgs can be linked to the Source Environment of the step as its Destination Environment. The available options are:
    • Default DX Target: There should only be one step selected as the default DX Target. If there are more than one, the first one will be treated as default. The step marked as the Default DX target will be autoselected in the final step of the scratch org wizard or in the org definition creation in the DX Panel.
    • DX Target: With this option you can mark the step as available to be a DX target, so that this step appears as an option in the DX Target picklist in the scratch org wizard.
    • DX Patch Target: Special type. Mostly for ISVs. Apart from main development flow, you can have a patch flow for hotfixes, etc. This step will be the target for the hotfix/patch process.

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