Kanban Board Setup

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How to Set Up a Kanban Board

  1. Open Copado Change Management’s application and navigate to the Kanban Boards tab.
  2. Click on New.

  1. Select an object for your Kanban board. All standard and custom objects are listed in the drop-down menu.

  1. Fill in the View Name and Description fields.

  1. Select fields you would like to display. All standard and custom fields of the selected object will be listed in this multi-select drop-down field. You can select as many fields as you want.

Filter Criteria
  1. Specify the filter criteria. Only filterable fields are listed in the drop-down list.
  2. Once you select a field, choose an operator and add a value. By default, the filter logic is set to AND, however you can define your own filter logic such as; “1 AND (2 OR 3)”.
For reference type fields, enter the Id of the record.

Additional Criteria

You can specify additional criteria for your Kanban board.

  1. Use Order by in a Select statement to control the order of the query's results. Only sortable fields are listed in this dropdown list.
  2. You can also specify whether you want the results to be ordered in ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) order. The default order is ascending.
  3. You can order null records at the beginning (NULLS FIRST) or end (NULLS LAST) of the result. By default, null values are sorted first. The default limit is 200.

Additional Options

  1. Select a field to read/update. This will be used to determine in which column a record is going to appear. This field can be any picklist or lookup field and will be the one updated when dragging and dropping a record in the Kanban board.

  1. Define the field you want to see in the header of the Kanban card.

  1. You can also define the field(s) you want to see in the footer of the Kanban card. You can select a maximum of two fields for the footer.

  1. Select a field to show as user image. Only user lookup fields are listed in this dropdown list.

  1. Define the field to adjust the color of Kanban cards.

  1. Define the field to summarize records by using (Min, Max, Sum and Average) operators. You can add/remove rows as you wish.

  1. Click on Create Query and Validate.

  1. Click on Create Kanban once the query has been validated.

For more information about the different actions you can perform in a Kanban board, check out the article Kanban Board Quick Actions.

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