How to Upload a CSV File from an External System to a Data Set

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One of the nicest features of data sets is the option to import data from external services into a data set. In this article, we will show you how to do that.

The first thing you need to take into consideration before importing your data is the objects and fields that are part of the data you want to import. All the fields included in your objects must exist in Salesforce. For instance, if you want to import accounts that include a custom currency field, you first need to create that field in Salesforce, otherwise the import won’t work.

Once you have verified that your external data matches what you have in Salesforce, you need to generate a data set in Copado. If you have already built a data set, simply click on Generate Data Set (review the Data Sets article for more information about this). Otherwise, create first your Data Set record.

You need to generate a data set because Copado creates a schema for your data when generating the data set, and that schema or structure is required for the data set to work as expected.

Once you have generated the data set, locate the CSV file Copado has created and click on Download:

Download button

Replace the content of your CSV file with the data you want to import and then upload a new version of the file:

Upload New Version button

Click on View File Details to get more information about the different versions of a file.

There are some Salesforce limitations related to files you should be aware of. For more information about this, review the article Salesforce CRM Content Limits.

Important Considerations About the CSV File Format

  • Field values are separated by ,.
  • Dates are exported following this format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.mmmZ. If you need help formatting your dates in Excel, check out Microsoft’s help article.
  • For currency type fields, only the numeric part will be exported following this format: XXXX.YY.
  • All CSV files include a record Id column. This record Id is automatically generated by Salesforce and is required. If you are uploading data from another source, add a text string in this column to ensure the upload doesn’t fail.

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